Residential house with halls

Halls we have in the residential house are fully equipped and are perfect for weddings, birthday celebrations, conferences or cozy parties up to 120 guests, up to 90 guests for lodging.

Sauna with a waterfall

For those who want to relax, we can offer a sauna with a nearby waterfall and a natural pond. You can enjoy your time with friends, relatives or colleagues in the spacious sauna building with a fireplace.


A wooden bridge leads to a gazebo “Beer pond”, that is located in the middle of the pond. It is suitable for up to 15 beer lovers.

Basketball, football, volleyball, tennis pitches

Active sports enthusiasts can spend time in basketball, football, volleyball or tennis sites. Guests have to arrange their own balls and rackets.

Table tennis, billiard halls

For those who want to spend their time inside, we can offer to set up a table tennis or billiard match.

„Nuf Nuf“ gazeboes

For those that are looking for peace, practicing yoga or wishing to experience Nirvana, we offer an assylum in “Nuf Nuf” gazeboes, that are surrounded by forest and Elna creek. Fireplace and campfires will help to feel the true power of nature.


We are in a long term cooperation with cafe „Kerniaus baras“ (+370-614-86659), bar “Juoda Raudona” (+370-684-58978), restaurants “Sigmute“ (+370-652-77247) and “Eduardo pobuviai” (+370-618-31555).

Conference equipment

If needed, we can provide all the necessary conference equipment: multimedia, magnetic board, radio stations.


We suggest you to decorate your party with stylish chair decorations, which are offered by our partners (+370-662-32342).

Prices depend on the date, number of people and optional services you need, but we always try to find a mutually suitable option. Homestead can be rented with or without overnight stay. Sauna, sport pitches and other services we offer can be booked separately.

Elniakampis village, Sudervė parish, Vilnius district;; Tel.: +370 686 12112